Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Yarn Tassel Garland

Looking for a fun garland idea for your NYE party? How about making this super easy tassel garland, I made for my mantel. It's my twist on the popular tissue tassel garland, except this one won't be ruined if it accidentally gets wet. Speaking from experience here. ;) 
 Here is a list of the supplies you will need.

Extra thick or fluffyYarn (I found mine at Joann Crafts and Michaels Craft Store)
Lace (Just another option)
Tape measure
First you will cut strips of the yarn and lace. I cute mine to about 14 inches. You can make yours as long or short as you'd like. To make mine extra fluffy I used 15 strips of yarn per tassel. 
Next you will just fold the strips in half.

 Then cut an extra piece to tie around the bundle. Then you end up with a tassel.

You can trim pieces as needed. I would make at least eight of these to make a tassel garland. Last step is to just string them together with a long piece of yarn. 
There are so many great yarn choices out there now, that you can really create some beautiful garlands. You can make one for NYE, a birthday party or shower, or a pink, red, and white one would be gorgeous for Valentines, which is just around the corner. I made several of these for gifts this year, they are just so fun!
Thanks for stopping by, hope you feel inspired to create a yarn garland of your own.

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