Monday, June 2, 2014

Artwork for my Boys

So I have been working on creating some artwork for each of my three boys. I love the idea of each of them having something special that I made for them. I am sentimental like that, especially when it comes to my boys. This project was pretty easy to tackle. I was able to finish it in less than two hours. The supplies you will need are as follows:
Art paper
Paint brushes
Sponge brush to apply mod podge
Scrap book paper
The first thing that I did was to cut out triangles, to look like mountains, out of Martha Stewart map craft paper.

I then mod podged the map paper on my white art paper. I always apply the mod podge generously to the back of the paper. Then lay it down, and apply the mod podge over top, trying to work out all the bubbles. 
Next I traced a circle out of a vintage piece of book paper that I had. You could use whatever paper you want, I just felt this worked well, especially since my son is an avid reader. 
I used my Anthropologie candle topper as my guide to trace around. It was the perfect size. 

I also mod podged it on to the art paper. I ended up white washing over top of the book paper so that my words would be more pronounced, and show up better. White washing is simply a technique where you water down your paint, so that you get a washed out look. 
Once all the mod podge dried I hand scripted the saying "Let him sleep for when he wakes, he will move mountains" I really love this quote, and find it so meaningful. I truly believe that all three of my boys have the ability to move mountains, whether it be that they are working in research to help figure out why certain diseases affect certain people, being creative, or bringing a smile to someone's face. My oldest is currently working on research at a local university that looks at how MRI/CAT scans can help diagnose certain diseases which can affect our brain.  My middle son, is so smart and creative, I can only imagine what he will do with his talent one day. And my youngest has the capability to make us laugh and bring a smile to our face at any given moment. He has had a special twinkle in his eyes since the day he was born. :)
Sorry, back to the project, I could go on and on about my boys.
Here is what it looked like after I hand wrote the quote.

I painted the tops of the mountains with white, so they would appear snow capped.
Next I added in some clouds with a pale grayish aqua paint, just to add another layer.

Then I used a dark gray paint to go over my lettering. By writing it with the pencil first, it makes it so much easier to go back over, because once you paint it, it's permanent. ;)

Here is the finished artwork framed. I'm happy with the way it turned out. It's not about creating the perfect piece, it's about creating something meaningful.
With summer vacay just around the corner, I hope you feel inspired to create something with your kids. This is totally a kid friendly project. Make sure they are working both sides of their brain this summer. Have them work on reading, math, and incorporate some art!
Thanks for stopping by, until next time...