Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Little Word 2015

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Are you ready for 2015? Well ready or not here it comes. How can it be that another year has come and gone? Was 2014 everything you hoped it to be and more? This is my end of the year, start of the new year post, where I reflect, and share my hopes and dreams for the new year. My one little word #OLW for 2014 was LOVE. My motto for the year was LOVE it in 2014, and leave it in 2013. I really embraced this word and motto all throughout the year. I found myself doing more of the things that I really loved to do, and leaving behind the garbage that would drag me down. I found a wonderful group of friends who have become like sisters to me. Blogging has become something I do more often, and I have found so much joy in blogging this year. It's been so fun getting those creative juices flowing and sharing my thoughts and ideas with you.
However, it's a new year, and though I will continue to take LOVE into 2015, I will also focus on my new one little word which is BELIEVE. Believing is accepting something as truth, but for me it's so much more. It's having faith in something when you can't always see it. Funny how that works isn't it? Blind faith, and believing. It's so easy to believe in something or someone when you can see it, but something spiritual happens when you believe in something just based on faith. 
"Keep the faith,
the most amazing things in life
tend to happen
right at the moment 
you are about to
give up hope."
So I am going to chose to believe that things happen for a reason, and it's not always about my timing, but the timing of a greater power. I'm going to believe in my friends and family, and always look for the best qualities in them. I'll continue to be a half glass full type of person, and always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. Optimism is so much better than negativity. :) My dreams and goals will not fall by the wayside. I will continue to nurture and believe in them. Looking forward to lots of amazing and exciting things in 2015!
"Believe in your own magic"
We should all believe in our own magic. I think we have all been blessed with special talents, and if we use them wisely, imagine what a better place this world would be.
"Believe you can 
and you are 
half way there"
Throw all that self-doubt out the door and believe in yourself. Forget about all the reasons something won't work, and focus on the one reason it will. Positive thoughts come more freely when you actually believe in yourself. Cut the negativity out, and let the positivity in. Don't be tempted by petty gossip.
there is
in the world.
I'm going to try my best to be the good in the world. Hopefully by trying my best, then my boys will also be young men who strive to be the good. Kids learn by example, so don't we as parents want to be a wonderful example for them?
Well, there you have it. I have had such an amazing 2014, and feel so blessed. I achieved goals that I worked hard towards, and I'm looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings.
I wish you much love and belief in yourself in 2015. I may not even know you, but I believe in you. So have faith, share the love, and believe in your own magic because there is nothing more powerful than faith and belief. Cheers to 2015!

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