Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blogging your way Road Trip Adventure to NYC

So last week I had an amazing opportunity to attend 2 full day classes taught by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring.  Holly is an accomplished blogger, who reaches a large audience world-wide, she is a best selling author of her beautiful design book called Decorate, she has an amazing eye for interior styling, and I am now proud to call her my friend.  And Leslie is equally as talented.  She has her own successful blog, as well as contributing to Holly's blog, she has amazing photography skills, and is also now a new  friend.  I learned a lot during the two days of classes.  Sometimes it's just as simple as surrounding yourself with people who have similar creative souls as you do.  There were some very inspiring and lovely women in this class, and I look forward to following their blogs and see where their paths take them.  I took the class with my best friend, and it was 2 days of jam packed information taught by both Holly and Leslie.  If you ever get the opportunity to take a class from Holly, I highly recommend it :).  One of the skills I am most excited about learning this past weekend was learning how to use my camera to take interior photos.  So I wanted to share some of these photos I took with you, and I hope that you feel inspired to tap into your creative side!

My Styling using LuluBelles jewelry and some trims, fabrics and ribbons.

My Styling using a LuluBelles necklace

Some of the beautiful garland that Holly created herself.

One of Holly Becker's Mood Boards that she designed.

Beautiful tulips in a milk jar on our table, that I styled with velvet ribbon and a vintage brooch.
Having fun playing around with depth of field.
Styling with a fun little chevron printed party bag, that was giving to us at the class.
LuluBelles necklace, with a French general book, and a classmate's flower.

Our amazing loft space, Divine Studios in NYC

Leslie, Natalie, Holly and myself.
Hope you feel inspired!