Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trip to Savannah

Just got back from a nice little trip to beautiful Savannah, Georgia. It was my first time there, and the city did not disappoint. I kind of figured that I was going to love it, because I love Charleston, SC so much. There are similarities in the two, but there are also some unique differences.
We stayed right across the Savannah River in a lovely hotel that had a room with the view of downtown Savannah.
The area offered a free boat ride from our hotel to the city every day. It was nice to not have to worry about driving and parking a car in town.
Some of my favorite things about the city are the cobblestone streets. They are currently in the process of removing layers of asphalt in historic areas to expose more of the cobblestones and brick roads. I will say that you really should be very careful while walking on these gorgeous streets, I recommend wearing flats :).
Some places that I would recommend visiting while in downtown Savannah are some antique shops near the riverfront. There was a cluster of them near W Bay street. I found some great little treasures there. I bought some antique books and a few vintage pieces of jewelry. I would have bought more, but I didn't bring a big enough suitcase. ;). 
One of the shops had an entire library filled with vintage books. It was amazing to look through these gorgeous old books. I'd love to have a library like that some day. 
I also shopped at The Paris Market located in downtown Savannah. It was just as you would imagine. There was french music playing in the background, lots of dried lavender around the shop, and gorgeous antiques and lovely every day items. There was an entire section dedicated to children, and it was so sweet. Also if you wanted a little snack, they had a nice little bakery area with drinks and of course the yummiest macaroons. 

Seriously, loved these mirrors!!!
I would definitely recommend taking the trolley around town for the day. That is how my husband and I got acquainted with the city. It the perfect way to see the city and all it's lovely architecture. The way this city is planned is amazing. There are 22 town parks/squares, with ample green space and trees. How lovely is that? I wish our city was designed like that. You really learn so much about the city's history and founders by taking a ride on the trolley. 
Here are the places that I recommend eating while in Savannah. I think one of my favorite places was The Olde Pink House, which was recommended to me by several people. We booked our reservation prior to our trip, which I would recommend doing. You can book your reservations by simply going online to the restaurant. We ate dinner there, but the waiter suggested that the next time we return, we need to eat there for lunch. Apparently they have the best fried chicken. There is lots of beautiful history inside the pink house. Each of the rooms is decorated with gorgeous chandeliers, and trim.
We also ate at The Lady and Sons. I had the yummiest chicken pot pie, and the kindest waitress ever. She had the cutest southern accent, and was so sweet to my hubby and me. So that was an extra star in my book. :)
If you are looking for a yummy dessert than I would definitely recommend waiting in line for ice-cream  at Leopold's. I had a scoop of the strawberry shortcake and it was some of the yummiest I have ever had in my life. I can see why people wait in line for it!
Some "must see" places to tour are the beautiful Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church in downtown Savannah. My jaw dropped once I walked inside this gorgeous church. My photos do not do it justice, you will just have to tour it yourself. And the tour is free.

The stations of the cross were breath taking.
We toured several of the historic homes in downtown too. In the homes that we toured you were not allowed to take interior photos, so we snaps photos of the gardens and exteriors. The interiors were filled with lovely trim details, 12-14 foot ceilings, and beautiful age pine floors.

This next photo I loved because of the aqua doors, really wish that it would have been a lovely boutique instead of a tattoo parlor ;)
We only spent two days in the city, so I am sure there is so much that we missed. But those are a few of my favorite highlights. I'll be blogging again soon, about a quaint little town just outside of Savannah. Until next time, XO

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