Thursday, February 13, 2014

LOVE Artwork

Looking for last minute artwork for your sweetie? This one is really easy to make and took me less than 30 mins to put together.
Supplies that you will need:
Frame (I found mine at Walmart. They have inexpensive frames. I know Hobby Lobby does too.)
Hearts (I found these at Michaels Craft Store. You could also cut them out with various papers)
Double sided tape
Maggie Holmes scrapbook design art (This is optional, I just love her designs though.)
Music sheets (I used vintage ones taped together)

The first thing I did was tear out the pages of vintage music sheets from a book. I have a vintage book of them that I use for different projects. If you are ever out antiquing, be sure to pick one up. I promise you won't regret it, they are great for various projects. Another idea you could do is to print the music sheet from you and your sweetie's favorite song. I thought about printing out our "first dance" song from our wedding. Our song was "From this moment" by Shania Twain. I still love that song. :)
After I taped the sheets together, which I needed to do since it was an 8x10 frame, I started adding the hearts. I assembled 5 rows with 4 hearts in each.
Next I used some of Maggie Holmes artwork. She makes the prettiest designs. I snagged this pack of goodies at Archivers before they closed. I used the little love banner, which is so sweet, and coincidentally my one little word for the year. See how this is all coming together ;)
I wanted the word LOVE to pop a little more, so I painted aqua behind it. Shocking that I used aqua, I know.
So here is what the finished product looks like. I am happy with the way it turned out, and love how easy it was to make. I luckily had all the supplies at home. I guess it pays to be a craft hoarder sometimes.
There you have it. Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day! And if you don't have a sweetie to make one of these for, then make one for yourself. It's the perfect reminder to love yourself, and spread love to those around you. Thanks for stopping by.

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