Friday, February 28, 2014

Savannah trip Part 2

So as promised here are more photos from our Savannah trip. We took a day to visit the sleepy little towns between Savannah and Hilton Head beach. There are many quaint little communities to be discovered while driving. That's one of my favorite parts about going on these trips with my husband, we love driving around looking at houses and architecture. It's so inspiring to see all the little details in some of these houses. So here are a few off my favorites for you to be inspired by and to enjoy. Now we can all dream of building our cottage by the beach!
So what I loved about this house was the aqua shutters of course, but also the huge front porch. I can just imagine sitting on there with friends during a warm summer evening enjoying each others company while fireflies light up the summer sky. And that porch railing is really quaint and modern. Here are some houses with some amazing porches.
Notice the sleeping bed hanging. Love it! Can't get much more southern classic then this.
Do you know that it is a Southern tradition to paint all the ceilings in outdoor spaces blue? It is said to keep all the evil spooks away.
Seriously those live oak trees, which is the Georgia state tree, and the Spanish moss growing on them, is so magical. You really feel like you've stepped back in time. These trees are hundreds of years old.
This photo reminds me of the movie "Gone with the Wind"
These last photos are some of my favorite. So in this quaint little neighborhood, near the town center stood this beautiful chapel. It's design is so simple, but yet so breathtaking. I seriously feel in love with this chapel, and it sat near the water's edge, so the windows faced out on to the water. When my husband and I toured the chapel no one was in it but us, it was so romantic and peaceful. I'm already thinking it's the perfect spot to renew our vows. :) This church was designed by historical concepts
Inside the church had beautiful white batten board walls, and gorgeous old pine floors.
They had gorgeous custom made screens for these beautiful cathedral arched windows.
So if you ever decide to visit Savannah, be sure to check out all the quaint little neighborhoods and towns that surround it. I bet you will discover some little hidden gems, that you may never have even known about. Until next time,


  1. That church is amazing! I love it all but am really inspired by the porch in the first picture. Thank you for taking the time to share!

  2. The church is simply lovely. I have a friend lookIng to wed in a little white church near Savannah. I would be ever so grateful if you would supply the name of the town

    1. The name of the neighborhood is Palmetto Bluff :)


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