Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tree topper Traditions

Thanksgiving is not only a time to eat a wonderful meal with family and friends, but also a time to connect with one another.  I wanted to share a lovely tradition that my family has been participating in for years, really ever since I can remember.  After we all stuff our belly's full of turkey, all the sides, and dessert, my big wonderful family sits around and crafts together!  My mom is one of nine, and I am very lucky to have lots of cousins, aunts, and a granny who also love to create and craft just as much as I do.  So this year my mom and I came up with this tree topper pattern for all us to craft together.  I am actually going to make several so that I can put them on my Christmas tablescape.  They are vintage inspired, with a hint of glittery sparkle!  I hope that this Thanksgiving you not only enjoy the food and the company of your loved ones, but you also feel inspired to create something together!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
The angel side of the tree topper
I made the other side with Santa's face :)
If you would like to order one, then just let me know.  We are selling them too.

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