Monday, December 30, 2013

One Little Word for 2014

Have you chosen your one little word(#olw) for 2014 yet? After weeks of pondering, making list, trying to find something that would be inspiring to me I found LOVE. It's funny because we did a family photo shoot this summer, and I made a banner for us to hold, and the banner stated LOVE. It seems to be a word with a reoccurring theme for me over the last 6 months. I have started reading a daily devotional book, and as I look through it, LOVE is stated over and over again. And after last year, which had so many changes, we moved, my parents moved, built a house, sent my oldest off to college, lost my beloved papa, loss of friendships, and lots of chaos, I LOVE how my life is now settling down, and our new house is feeling like home. I miss my oldest when he is away, but I LOVE, how he is going out in the world making his own dreams come true. So how will I use the one little word to help guide me through 2014. I will try my best to LOVE life to the fullest. I will make sure my husband and children know that I LOVE them every day. I will make sure good and loyal friends, and extended family who are near and dear know that I LOVE them. I will continue with my daily prayers and devotion because Jesus was the ultimate teacher of LOVE. He made sacrifices for us so that we could have eternal LOVE. I really believe that if we all based our actions out of LOVE and respect, then this world would be a better place. LOVE can make a lonely person feel special, it can open your heart to happiness and joy, and it can bring hope to a hardened heart. So as I move forward into 2014, I am going to make sure that I am only doing things I LOVE, and things that bring my heart joy. I will choose LOVE over hate. And I will only surround myself with people who I feel truly LOVE me and have my best interest at heart. Sometimes LOVE brings heartache, and that's ok. There is always a lesson to learn from heartache, just look for the silver lining, and know that you will be better off in the end, something better is out there for you. So moving forward my motto will be for 2014 "LOVE it in 2014, Leave it in 2013."

Since LOVE is going to be my #olw for 2014, I decided to make it the focal point for my NYE mantel. I have been wanting to make my own version of marquee letters since my friend Jessi Senti posted hers that she made on IG. So I collected my materials. The lights I got on clearance from Target. The BIG letters were from JoAnn Crafts. They actually have 3 different sizes of letters. I chose the biggest ones, because our mantel is pretty big, and I liked the scale of them. First, I cut the backs out of the letters using a box cutter.
I painted the letters with a gold paint.

Once the paint dried, I then tackled making the holes for the lights. I only had 2 strands of lights to use, so I had to make sure I planned this out strategically. I actually sent my boys and hubby out to see if they had anymore lights, and they didn't, but I was able to make it work just fine. I used a box cutter, very carefully, to make the slots for the lights. I tried my best to space them evenly, some are a little off, but that's ok. If you are a perfectionist, then I would recommend measuring them out evenly. ;)

The way that I was able to make the letters appear seamless, is because I made sure that they were touching, so that you could not see the light cord stretch between them. I tucked any extra cords inside the letters. I seriously adore the way they turned out. I told my hubby I was going to put them in our bedroom when, and if, I ever decide to take them down from the mantel. I figured at this point they can stay up through Valentine's day.
The rest of the mantel was pretty easy to pull together. I bought the gold tinsel garland 1/2 off at Target. I made the other garlands by using a small punch. I then strung them together. I used a combination of gold, silver, and music sheet papers. The other silver garland is vintage, and was giving to me by my aunt for Christmas. She knows my love of vintage. And I have a collection of silver tinsel trees from Hobby Lobby, so I used them for fillers on the sides. :)

Wishing you much LOVE in 2014, I hope that it is an amazing year for you, and I want you to know that I truly appreciate you stopping by my blog. I hope you find some inspiration.


  1. I LOVE this project! Ha! :)

    Seriously, your projects and your blog always inspire me. Best wishes for a wonderful 2014!


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