Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wrapping Presents

I love giving gifts at the holidays. It's such a simple gesture, yet it really lets someone know that you care. One of my favorite parts of the gift giving season, is the wrapping of the presents. I get to use all those leftover strings, ribbons, buttons, stickers, doilies, and whatever else I have used from craft projects throughout the year. Never underestimate the power of 4 inches of leftover string, or a piece of scrap paper.
I had bought a big bag of these silver stars, and thought they would make the perfect little ornament to put on top of a gift. I embellished them with some vintage music sheets. It's really easy to make these. First you cut a strip of the paper. Then you fold it back and forth like an accordion fold. Like this....
You will need two of these to make a circle. You just use double sided tape, or hot glue to tape each end together. You will then end up with something like this. Put a dab of glue in the center to hold it together.
I then just added a little embellishment in the center, and glued it to the silver star. You can tie a string to it, so that the recipient can keep it as an ornament. :)
For the rest of the gift, I just tied twine, and sparkly ribbon scraps around it. I added the doily and washi tape for some extra fun.

Now I am not encouraging hoarding behavior, but never underestimate the use of some good scraps ;). And be sure to think outside the box, ha-ha, when you are looking for things to wrap your gift with. Antique and craft stores are just full of wonderful things. I like to pick up the Christmas picks this time of year, they are usually 50-60% off, and make wonderful present toppers.
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, thanks for stopping by. :)

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