Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY Valentine for Tweens

So this weekend my 11 year old son, Noah, and I worked on his class Valentines to hand out. We wanted to come up with something original, and fun. At his recent Christmas class party, we made a photo booth for the kids, and they loved all the props, so I thought it would be fun to make glasses, similar to the ones we used in the photo booth. The tough part was coming up with a clever little saying to attach to the glasses that would be gender friendly.
Supplies you will need....
1. Card stock- whatever colors you want. We chose bright florescent card stock.
2. Sticks-I found these in the candy making isle at Michaels. I think it would also be fun to use pixie sticks.
3. Embellishments-we added little sticker rhinestones to the glasses for the girls.
4. Washi tape-added this little detail on the tags
5. Scissors, glue stick, glue gun.
First, I traced out glasses on my card stock. I just did it free-handed. I could fit 7 per piece. Then I had my son, help cut them out.
You end up with something like this, once you get them all cut out.
Here are the various colors we chose.
Next we added some bling stickers to the glasses for the girls.
Fired up the old glue gun, and glued the sticks on the back.
Then I printed off my little tags. I made these on my computer. Just found a font I liked then made a sheet of them to print.
Used the handy glue stick, and rolled the tag around the stick.
I love using washi tape, and so I added this little flag detail on the end. You can find washi tape online, or at your local craft store. Beware, it's addictive!
All done, and ready to package up with some candy! 
Hope you found this to be an easy DIY craft to do with your tween. Other ways to use these would be in a photo booth, or a birthday party invite. Wouldn't it be cute to send these out, and say "hope to see you at my party" The options are endless. 
My middle son, Noah, who helped to create these for his class.
Hope you have a great Valentines Day!

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  1. Gretchen-- your creativity knows no bounds!! I'm awed, as usual.


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