Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY Tissue Flowers

I recently helped to decorate our school's gym for a Father/Daughter Dance. As with any school function, there was a budget. So one of the most economical ways to decorate is with tissue paper. So, a group of us moms made over 60 of these large tissue flowers. I was asked by several people how we created them, so I am giving you a step by step how-to. :)
Supplies needed.
1. Tissue paper
2. Wire or pipe cleaners
3. Scissors
First, you will need to decide what color you want your flowers to be. Once, you have that decided you will need to gather 12 pieces of tissue paper. If you want your flowers to be multicolored, then choose 8 of one color, and 4 of another.
Then stack the tissue up evenly. You are then going to fold it back and forth, creating a fan pattern. Like this....
You will then end up with something that looks like this...
Place the wire, or pipe cleaner in the center.
Next, you will cut the edges to soften them, and help them look like petals.
You can round the edges, or cut them at an angle. Either way will work. 
The flower will then look like this.
Next, you will start to pull each of the pieces up one by one.

The end result will look like this....
This can be made smaller, by just cutting the sheets into smaller pieces. We ended up spraying some glitter on them for the dance. They were a big hit with all the little girls.
Hope you find this tutorial easy to follow. 


  1. I gave you a shout out in my baby shower post! Nice, simple tutorial.


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