Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Aspire banner

So since I decided on my word of the year, I wanted to make a banner to hang in my studio space. I wanted to create something bright and cheery. I went to Hobby Lobby and found all the fabrics that I needed to make my banner.
They have a great selection, and some of them were on sale. Per usual, I bough a little extra, but I have another project in the works that I'll be blogging about soon. Don't you love that pink burlap? I just cut out a large triangle out of the pink burlap. The burlap will frey, so just be sure to clean up the edges before you finish.

Since I have been drawing block letters by hand since I was in grade school, I felt pretty comfortable tracing out the letters. I then cut them out by hand. You could always use a letter stencil, and trace them if you want. Or you may want to use your Cricut to cut out the letters, and use some pretty paper.
I then got out my handy glue gun, and glued each of the letters on the burlap pieces.
Then I used some aqua and white bakers twine to string them together.
And here is the end result hanging in my studio space.
I hung it on my gallery wall. I had to wait until the hubs got home to hang it a little higher. ;)
I love my gallery wall, it's filled with items I have created and collected.
This projected was completed in about 45 mins. It's really easy to assemble, and you could pick whatever word or phrase you want. I think I am going to make one for Valentines Day, and maybe use the word LOVE!
Hope you feel inspired to create something for your home.

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