Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer is in the air..

Finally after a long, cold, snowy, winter summer has finally made it's way back around.  And this chica couldn't be happier about that :)  Summer is my favorite season.  I love my kids being out of school, the warm days by the pool, grilling out, bike rides, and blooming hydrangeas!  This summer is going to be especially exciting because I am designing and furnishing a Homearama house.  Furniture and accessories have been arriving to my house, and it feels like Christmas to me :)  Once the home is complete, I will post about it.  
In the meantime, here are some of my favorite summer must haves...
Sandals and flips are a must for the summer.  I love these madras ones from Anthropologie.  They have such wonderful colors and look super comfy.
Love the intricate design on this pair of wedges, these too can be found at
I love wearing wedges, especially with a cute pair of shorts, they make your legs look a mile long!
Speaking of cute shorts, I am lovin' the romper.  This is an especially cute one that is reasonably priced.  I have found some really cute pieces from Lauren Conrad's line at Kohl's.  She has that "Cali chic" look going on.
Another one of my "go-to" places for shorts is J Crew.  They have a great selection of shorts that are the perfect length.  All the patterns are interesting and unique!
Another pair from Anthropologie :)
Summertime also reminds me of gardening, which I enjoy.  Here are some of my favorite flowers.
This is a picture from my peonies, which I am going to miss, since I recently sold my home.
Another favorite of mine is hydrangeas :)
Nothing says summer, like hydrangeas in bloom.  I think I love the blue ones the most, but the pinks are gorgeous too!
I can't wait to plant some new hydrangea trees at the new house.  They are so beautiful in the summer, and they turn just the right color in the fall.
Summer colors
Fall color of hydrangea tree.
Hope you enjoy this kick off weekend to the summer!  Don't forget the sunscreen, and make sure to enjoy these long summer days while they last!

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