Thursday, March 24, 2011

Southern Charm

Southern Charm
I always tell my husband the the "stork" did not drop me far enough south, well our recent trip to the Charleston area made me long to move farther south.  This area of the country is overflowing with beautiful architecture, vegetation, and history.  I believe a picture can tell a story, and I hope that you get a sense of the magic that overflows throughout the city of Charleston.
I love all the porches and the aqua painted ceilings.  All these homes are just so welcoming.  Wouldn't you love to just hang out on one of these porches?

I love this picture, not only because of the beautiful home, but look at the enormous live oak tree with moss growing on it.  You can find moss growing on the trees all throughout the Charleston area.  It really is a majestic site.  If only there was a way to grow it here in Kentucky.

I love all the iron work that is incorporated into the landscape in Charleston.  It really is like timeless art!

This is a beautiful mansion in a small town named Beaufort.  I felt like I was channeling Scarlet O'Hara from "Gone with the Wind", when I saw this beautiful mansion.  When I think of true southern charm, this home comes to mind.  The home sat on several acres and overlooked the river nearby.  If you are planning a trip to Charleston, you should take a drive to the town of Beaufort. This town is very picturesque.

So how great would it be to sit on your front porch and have a beautiful view of the marshes and the river?

If you are looking for a wonderful place to travel for a getaway, then I highly recommend Charleston.  I truly fell in love with the city and all its "Southern Charm."
Happy Spring to everyone, looking forward to seeing the beauty of mother nature in full bloom again!

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  1. Oh, I completely agree! Charleston is one of my favorite places- I am sure you had a fantastic time. We were there last April, I have been thinking about the great time we had. We also drove down to Beaufort- but stayed most of our trip in Charleston. The restaurants, history and charm were all top 10! Can't wait to go back.
    Thanks for reminding me of how wonderful it was!
    Erica Cooper


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