Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Letters of LOVE

Hope you are settling in to this winter weather we have been having. Since it's cold and snowy outside, why not find yourself an easy craft project to tackle? I have the perfect one for you, and it's very versatile. These are super easy to make, decoupaged letters. 
Here are the supplies that you will need.
*Cardboard letters (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
*Paint brush
*Craft paper (I purchased mine at Lulubelles Boutique it's from Rifle Paper Company)
The first step, after you have gathered your supplies, is to trace your letters on the craft paper.
Once the letter is traced, simply cut the letter out of the paper.
Next you will apply a thick layer of the decoupage on the actual cardboard letter. Make sure that you apply liberally.
I work in sections, applying the decoupage and the paper on the top portion first. Then I work my way down. Next you will seal the craft paper with the decoupage.
Be sure to smooth out any bubbles before the decoupage starts to dry, and remember that when your craft paper is wet, it may tear easily, so be extra careful
Continue on with the next letters. You can even cut out extra shapes and flowers, then add them for some extra interest like I did with the & sign.

Here is the finished product, along with another set of letters that I made just in time for Valentines Day next month. 

We have these beautiful Rifle Paper Company papers available at our Lulubelles Boutique located in Norton Commons in Prospect, KY. You could certainly create lots of beautiful decoupage craft projects with them.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found some inspiration to create some lovely letters for yourself. :)

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