Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pleated Crepe Paper Flowers

I am working on some decorations for an upcoming Father/daughter dance that our school is hosting. I had several request to post a "how to" on the these little crepe paper flowers that I am making as part of the decorations. These are so easy to make, and there are lots of fun ways you can decorate with them.
Supplies needed are:
Crepe paper(color of your choice)
tinsel or something for the center
First you start to fold the paper like this...
Continue folding around to get a pleated circle.
You will end up with a completed circle like this. I used tape to secure the pleats in the front and the back.
I then added a little piece of left over Christmas tinsel that I had. I am making these for a Snowball themed dance, so I wanted them to have a little sparkle, and be an icy blue. You could put cute embellishments or scrapbook paper in the center if you wanted.
I am planning on stringing them together to make a garland for a backdrop. I also wanted to show you another idea that would be cute to make as an embellishment.
I just cut out some scrapbook paper and made ribbons hanging off of it. These would be great for a card, or a cute birthday banner, name tags, etc.
So there you have it! A really easy DIY that you can customize and make your own. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you feel inspired. :)
Be sure to follow me on IG, I'll be posting photos of the SnowBall dance decorations on there. :) My user name is GretchenBlack

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