Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prom Night

How many of us look back at our Prom Night and wish we could push the "redo" button.  Well my hand is raised, that's for sure.  Maybe it's because my hair was teased so much, and I had pounds of aqua net hairspray on, or maybe it's because I had on a long sequined red dress with huge puffy sleeves?  I always thought that proms were overrated, however, with my son's prom I wanted to make it a special night to remember for him and his friends.  So in the weeks prior to his prom I was in total planning mode.  What could I do to make sure that their prom night was as special as they all are?  So here is what I came up with.....
I had a vision in my head and with the help of my family we brought it to life!  This was the photo booth back drop that I created.  I wanted the kids to have a fun place to sit and take silly photos before and after we served dinner.  This back drop was fairly easy to create.  I made the garlands with various types of tissue paper that I found at a local party store.  I used the Cricket to cut out the PROM letters, and I used some scrapbook paper to make the pinwheel circles.  I found the crown and the top hat also at a local party source store.  The chalkboards I found at Dress and Dwell Boutique in New Albany.  You can write whatever you want one them, they are such a versatile piece to have.  Simple linen drapes were used as the back drop.  I chose this color combination of yellow, green, and silver, because they are the colors of my son's school.
My son and his beautiful date, how funny is this?
I am so happy that the kids allowed me to take their photos, and they enjoyed the photo booth.  Now on to dinner plans....
Here is the end result, and I show you how I created this easy table scape.
We turned our family room into a dining space for the evening.  I have a large farmhouse table that worked out perfect for our dinner party of eight.  I used 2 sheer damask drapery panels for the table runner.  The napkins came from TJ Maxx, and the napkin rings were from Pier 1.  I used lots of fresh flowers down the center of the table.
I wanted to make my name cards for each of the kids, to make them feel special.  So I came up with the idea of painting simple garden pots with chalk board spray paint.  It was so easy, the boys helped me spray them.
I found both of these at the Home Depot.
And the end result was this...
I used some light green chalk, and personalized each one, then filled them with treats.  I put a pack of gum, some chapstick, the girls had a fun light up ring, and then a special message written from their dates.
I found the most beautiful papers at World Market, and the boys each wrote a special message for the girls.  Trying to teach these boys how to be gentlemen and thoughtful.
Here's the guys writing their special messages to the girls...

And the boys got gum, chapstick, and a mustache on a stick in their place card pot.  Hind sight, I should have made mustaches for the girls too, they loved them just as much!
And here are some of the flowers that were on the table...
Hope you find some inspiration in this post.  There are so many easy tricks that can make your event special!  And just for laughs, here is a photo of me at my prom...I'm in the red!
Until next time...
xo ~Gretchen


  1. Oh my! I LOVE this! Great job momma! I know with out a doubt your son and his friends had the best time at prom and will talk about it for years to come. ....I'm not sure if guys do that but being the mom of three girls, I can promise you their dates will be! I love it!

    Oh and I have a few dress pictures that could hang with your red dress! Gotta love the 80's!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stephanie. Would love to see a photo of your dresses! Oh the amount of hairspray we use to spray in our hair! The bigger the hair, the closer to God! :)


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