Monday, November 21, 2011

Pine Cone Elves


Tis the season for Christmas Crafts. And with the holidays just around the corner, I decided to craft with my kids while they are on their Thanksgiving Break from school.  I found this idea from Martha Stewart, and thought that my boys would enjoy making these elves.  So we embarked on an adventure to Michael's Craft store and found all the supplies that we needed.  Here are the supplies......
We purchased, felt in various colors, a bag of small pine cones, colored pipe cleaners, paint pens, wooden round pieces for the heads, small candy canes, and some ribbon so we could hang them on the tree!
Let the creativity begin....
I let the boys pick out the color scheme they wanted for each of their elves.
They worked on their little elf faces...
I did most of the assembling, since a hot glue gun was involved.
Viola'....they were both so proud of their new little elf buddies!

I found that these little elves sit perfectly in the branches of our tree :)
We slightly changed the directions that Martha had on her website, but if you would like the pattern for the hat, gloves, and shoes check out
Hope you have as much fun creating your own family of elves as me and my boys did!  We ended up making several of these and gave them as gifts.  I love handmade holidays!
Happy crafting, until next time!

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