Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pumpkin Wreath

Fall is in the air, time to bring out the autumn decorations, pumpkin spice candles, refresh your planters with mums, and enjoy all the wonders that fall brings!  So after searching the web for the perfect fall wreath, I found one that I felt inspired to make.
Here is a photo of my inspiration wreath, which came from etsy.com
Lovely, isn't it?  I love the simplicity of it.  So, I felt inspired to make my own version.
My Version
Here is my wreath that I created using products from Michaels Craft store.  Most of the items are currently on sale, which makes this wreath very affordable and fairly easy to create.
You will need a grapevine twig wreath.  I opted for an oval shape, because I have a tall narrow door.
You will need moss, small pumpkins, green wire, a glue gun, and some burlap ribbon.  Michaels happens to have burlap ribbon right now in their Christmas section, YAY, saved me an extra trip!

Just follow along these easy steps....
First add the moss to the wreath.  I found it to be easier to tie the moss on the wreath with the green wire, and use the glue gun sparingly.
Be prepared to make a mess, which is why I chose to tackle this project on the floor.  After I was finished I just pulled out the vacuum!
Once you finish putting on the moss, you should get something that looks similar to this...
The next step is placing the pumpkins.  I could not find the pumpkins on picks in the size that I liked, so I created my own.  Here is an easy tip, to make your own floral pick.  I used a nail, glued it into the pumpkin, and attached the green wire.
Start placing the pumpkins in the design you like best....
I use the green wire to wrap around the wreath, and stabilize the pumpkins.
Then I glued the pumpkins together as I went along.
Time to make a simple bow to place on the top of the wreath.  I found a spool of burlap ribbon to use in the Christmas isle at Michaels.
A few last minute fluffing details..

Hope you feel inspired to create something special for your nest!  Enjoy the fall season, until next time.


  1. What a pretty idea for a wreath. And I love your front door!

  2. Gretchen it is truly beautiful You have inspired me!!

    I have hooked up with Julia's Party as well!


    Art by Karena

  3. Thanks ladies, Happy Fall to both of you!


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